How VMS Platform Enables Direct Sourcing In 8 Easy Steps


What is Direct Sourcing?

Direct sourcing is the contemporary way of hiring resources where businesses use their own talent pool to hire candidates suitable for a particular role. They may create a job page calling out for applications or choose the best match from their own candidate pool.

How is Vendor Management System Related?

 Long gone are the days when companies only hired permanent employees who used to stay for years. Companies are growing and so are their needs of varying skill sets. As a solution, companies hire contingent workforce i.e., temporary workforce hired on contract. As these contracts are short-termed, usually for a few months, more and more of such resources move in and out of the companies more often. Thus, businesses face a new challenge of managing these swiftly moving vendors. Vendor Management Software is an automated system that helps organizations streamline the Direct Sourcing of vendors through various tools and processes included in the system. 

How does the VMS Platform Help?

Vendor Management Software is an IT system built to automate and streamline several processes related to contingent workforce management including the interviewing and onboarding process. Given below is a list of 8 easy steps through which the VMS platform enables direct sourcing:

Step 1: Creating a Talent Pool: 

 Best VMS company USA like FlentisPRO helps businesses to initiate the hiring process by creating a job page and building a talent pool. It maintains a record of all the applications and sorts the list of candidates on the basis of several categories like skills, education, experience, etc. This helps you to choose amongst the best candidates easily without needing to spend hours going through the resume of each and every candidate.

Step 2: Monitoring through Applicant Tracking System (ATS):  

 FlentisPRO includes an Applicant tracking system that keeps a record of the status of each and every candidate. This includes recording their application, tracking their assignment, shortlisting, selecting, and rejecting candidates. 

Step 3: Storing files using the Document management system

 A Vendor Management System also offers you a space where you may store all the documents shared between the organization and a candidate. This includes basic documents like a resume, candidate’s documents, assignments as well as confidential papers and agreements signed by either party.

Step 4: Sending meeting invites via Calendar and Scheduler

 You may book the calendar and schedule a meeting with the candidate with just a click using the VMS software. The platform allows you to easily create a link to be shared with the candidate on the basis of availability.

Step 5: Interviewing with Built-in Video Conferencing Tool

Not only does the platform offer you the option of sending invites to candidates but also consists of a built-in video tool that enables calling with just one click. Flentis Meet is a password-protected video interviewing tool that comes with a range of features like screen sharing, waving, multiple hosting, and much more that makes it easy to use while providing better video quality as compared to costly video tools available in the market.

Step 6: Improving Candidate Relation Management

 Companies have experienced improved candidate relations with our workforce management software. It allows them to communicate directly with the candidates via text message and email using the system. The system automatically updates the candidates about any new information regarding their application. This helps in maintaining the interest of good candidates towards the role at your organization and avoids losing out on good candidates. Click here if you want to learn more about why improving the candidate experience is crucial.

Step 7: Making the On-boarding process quick and easy

 Once you’ve selected a candidate that you think is the match for a role on the basis of his skills and assessments, the VMS system helps in making the onboarding process easy and quick. The system is designed to automate the onboarding process saving time and money for both parties.

Step 8: Conducting and Analysing Training

Contingent Workforce management system includes a learning management system that lets you have a bird-eye view of the training and development of a newly-hired vendor. Not only does it offer training to the vendor, but also automatically records performance and analyzes the progress of each candidate. Companies have experienced better learning of candidates in less time through our learning management system. 

 FlentisPRO is a VMS system that has been built by our IT experts to make processes related to workforce management easy and quick for organizations as well as candidates. You may take the experience of the services our system has to offer for your business by booking a demo with us.



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